We are above all explorers of your subject. Because it is by understanding your paint better than anyone that we can guarantee you the best possible result, that is to say a color chart that reproduces your colors identically…

Matte, glossy, velvet, satin… Your paint is unique, and our expertise is reflected in our ability to perfectly express any type of rendering. Because at Nordprint, our watchword is excellence.

We know how creating a color chart is an essential marketing issue for you. This is why our working method has been designed to ensure optimal results.

The standard phase during which we apply your paint in real conditions and the spectrometry control allow us to validate with you a final result that perfectly meets your expectations.

Number of layers required, study of pigments, choice of the best application technique, suitable drying time and tools, protection of the material after application, optimized packaging… At Nordprint, nothing is left to chance. And as always, we opt for an eco-friendly solution. The application of your paint is carried out on stone paper made from wood-free, chlorine-free, water-free mineral powder. Advantages ? This hydrophobic paper cannot soak up water and allows for a result that is as pure as possible.

Calling on Nordprint to create your decorative or industrial paint color chart means ensuring a high-end product to boost your sales force.

At Nordprint, we know how creative arts color charts have a real and strategic dimension for you and are extremely impactful for artists. And their demand is legitimate, because in this art, the choice of material is vital for their creativity as well as for the work itself...

Our obsession is therefore to offer you impeccable rendering quality, which exactly reproduces the nuances of your paint once truly applied.

Watercolor paint, acrylic paint, oil paint, felt-tip pens, pastels... Depending on the material you want to highlight and its volume, we opt for a full or gradient application. Everything is designed to magnify your colors, from the application tools to the adequate drying time, including the thickness and relief of the materials or the type of color chart... We also attach enormous importance to the choice of thinners and mediums. depending on the nature of your painting, because they play a determining role in highlighting it and revealing the intensity and depth of its color.

Calling on Nordprint to create your fine arts paint color chart means relying on our solid know-how and our mastery of the challenges of creative arts color charts.

At Nordprint, our expertise in knowledge of wood species allows us to offer you the one that is best suited to your product, always with the aim of enhancing and enhancing your materials.

Stain, varnish, varnish, oil, saturator... Each product has its specificities and will reveal all its capabilities on a different type of wood, such as pine, ash or oak. We only work with real wood which perfectly matches the final use and we systematically opt for a beautiful grain, capable of highlighting the qualities of your material.

The manufacturing processes for your color chart are designed to ensure impeccable rendering quality. Matt, glossy, ultra-matt, medium oak, dark, light, colorless… Whatever the shade or color of your products, we promise you the perfection of your range.

Our ecological commitment is reflected in a choice of fine wood in the lamination in order to limit our carbon impact. We favor sheets of wood and fine woods to limit production costs, our ecological footprint but also to facilitate the use of color charts by your sales department. And because we consider your color charts as works in themselves, we protect the supports with tissue paper and felt and optimize their packaging for foolproof transport.

Calling on Nordprint to create your wood protection-oriented color chart is the guarantee of a perfect result to promote your entire range as best as possible.