Much more than a simple decision-making tool, Peel&Stick® gives your customers the means to fully unleash their creativity without risk to successfully complete their home decoration project.

Peel&Stick® then becomes a tool to support creativity allowing the customer to simulate different scenarios:
• remove its adhesive,
• stick it on one wall, then another, in one room then another,
• to compare the actual shades at their place of application,
• to place the sample in a context which is that of each person's personal universe (personal objects, furniture, lighting, etc.

Your customer will also have the opportunity to share this experience with friends, family and local professionals, to collect opinions and thus choose their shade with complete peace of mind and certainty.

Peel&Stick® is a bit like a fitting room in a clothing store. This is the opportunity to take possession of the color, to make it your own and to test a feeling.

This is the assurance of making the right choice, of avoiding customer disappointment.

Our samples are made in real application.
We apply your paints, ensuring perfect compliance with the customer promise. The real application is a perfect respect for your shades and your finishes: the matte, gloss, satin, velvet, lacquer of your shades are clearly visible on the sample.

No interpretation, no copying.
These are your paints, your stains and your finishes.

Your samples are adhesive. The consumer can stick the sample on their wall, peel it off, move it, stick it back on. He can stick two different ones side by side and compare them. He has an experience where he is an actor and decorator.

The paint is applied to a stone paper. This eco-friendly paper is made from water-free, chlorine-free and wood-free mineral powder. It is an eco-responsible paper.

Its very soft and totally hydrophobic touch ensures perfect respect for the color and finish of your paint.