At the beginning, there is your material. Because it is this which will allow us to define the industrial choices best suited to your expectations. With each new project, we systematically begin by exploring your material via a technical study carried out by our design office. This technical study aims to precisely define the industrial processes but also the production time necessary to produce your color charts.

We also consult you in order to jointly carry out a study of your targets and to develop a technical study of the most suitable color chart. The design, the choice of support and the way in which your samples are presented are multiple. The target will have an impact on these choices depending on whether the color charts are intended for the sales force, the end customer, distributors and resellers, etc.

We support you throughout this first stage by putting our know-how at the service of your material. We advise you on the type of product that suits you according to your commercial needs, the segmentation of your offer, the practicality and the solidity necessary for your color charts to last over time.

At Nordprint, we are above all your collaborators. So for a first contact, rather than sending us specifications, send us your material…

At Nordprint, we know better than anyone how much your color chart shapes your image. This is why we attach so much importance to the quality of your material.

During this essential step, we evaluate in liters, meters or kilometers the quantity of material necessary to create your color chart. Thanks to a careful study, we accurately calculate production costs and ensure the quality of the materials with which we will work.

In order to be able to ensure a perfect finish and guarantee that deadlines are met, together we carry out a rigorous verification of the materials intended for production.

Thus, we are certain to have stocks of optimum quality and in the necessary quantity. Finally, we carry out the standardization by checking and validating with you the labeling of all of your products.

At Nordprint, we attach great importance to the quality of the exchange with our customers. Prototyping is therefore an essential step in our manufacturing process.

The prototype that we create in a semi-industrial manner before moving on to production allows you to visualize the final product, to share it internally, with your sales force or externally with end customers or distributors.

The opportunity to obtain relevant verbatim and make judicious adjustments. This prototyping phase allows you to make final modifications so that your product matches your expectations in every way.

It is also the time to optimize our industrial processes to streamline production.

At Nordprint, more than just performers, we are your partners. This is why we remain in permanent dialogue, informing you at each stage of the development of your product via photos and videos taken directly in our workshops.

Graphic support: we assist you in the graphic design of your print files and answer all your questions: installation net set back from the final format of your sample, thickness of the double creasing, definition of formats, etc.

High-end printing: our workshops are equipped with the latest generation industrial tools: offset, screen printing, digital, UV, 360° printing, etc.

Application of fluid materials: to enhance your materials and offer you a result similar to the end use of the product you wish to highlight, we opt for a tailor-made application technique. Brushes, rollers

And drying, cutout, assembly, collage And final quality control.

Find out more by consulting our article dedicated to our production.

At Nordprint, protecting your material is our priority. And an impeccable rendering of our obsession. This is why we place your color charts in boxes before they are transported.

We use felt paper and tissue paper to protect your products between them and avoid friction within the color charts themselves. In addition, we optimize the weight/volume ratio to limit our carbon footprint and inherent transport costs.

At Nordprint, we have always followed a responsible approach. This is why we favor all eco-responsible materials for packaging: scraps of paper from our printing plant reused as packaging, PP5 certified plastic bags, recycled cardboard, etc. This in no way alters the protection of your products and limits our ecological footprint.