Your material is our raw material. This is why we always start by checking together the quality of the wood intended for the manufacture of your color charts in order to detect the possible presence of knots or slabs which could prove problematic. We take advantage of this to create a standard with you, a guarantee of the good association between material and labeling.

Raw wood, laminate, melamine, metallized wood, chipboard, MDF wood... So many materials that no longer hold any secrets for us. However, at the start of each new project, we carry out technical studies which will have a real impact on our strategic choices and allow us to offer you tailor-made solutions.

Advise you on the format that best suits you, think of a sampling that adapts to the life of the wood, that corresponds to the type of wood to be highlighted as well as its undulation, all essential points to which we give all our attention. attention.

The end use that your color chart will have is very important from a commercial point of view. Prototyping is therefore a crucial step during which we support you in choosing the type of color chart that suits you. It is thanks to technical and marketing studies that we will opt for a leaflet color chart or a bundle, depending on the approach that suits you best.

At the end of the prototyping stage, a prototype conforming in all respects to the final product is given to you. It will serve as a control tool throughout the manufacturing process of your color chart.

At Nordprint, we know that each wood gives rise to a specific cutting technique. The nature, thickness and typology of the wood are determining factors for the sublimation of your range.

We have a complete cutting fleet to meet all the needs of our customers. Laser cutting, numerically controlled, with a cookie cutter, by panel saw or by milling… We are aware of the importance of the choice of cutting tool, because it influences the preservation of the quality of your material and the longevity of our products.

We also support you on the graphics side to ensure overall consistency in your color charts. Thus, the direction of the grain as well as the consideration of the slabs for raw wood and laminate have their role to play in the development of a successful color chart.

We also attach great importance to the size of the cuts and produce sheets of wood up to three hundred microns minimum. Producing finer color charts allows us to use less material, limit costs but also respect our CSR commitments by having less carbon impact.

At Nordprint, we know that good flatness management is an essential factor in creating durable color charts. This is why the wood that we cut is systematically passed through our presses before the gluing phase.

Choosing a glue suitable for your wood is also a determining factor for the durability and resistance of your color chart during its commercial use. We choose glues that adapt to the evolution of the wood, we opt for a gluing thickness specific to your product in order to be able to adapt to the flatness of the wood and we proceed with full gluing of the materials in order to avoid taking off the samples.

We favor aqueous glues over solvent glues, both for the sake of quality and preservation of the environment. And always in order to limit costs and our carbon footprint, we use eco-friendly materials to reinforce the wooden sheets when necessary.

We also advise you on the choice of marking, an essential concept for identifying your products, and help you choose the solution best suited to your needs between UV printing, laser engraving or labeling.

Calling on Nordprint to create your wood color chart means choosing high-quality, durable products highlighting your entire range to improve your commercial services.