We think of each collaboration as a true partnership. Together, we create a color chart that can reveal the most beautiful aspects of your material.

This is why the standard phase is essential. It of course allows us to ensure the consistency of the labeling, to think about the concept of the color chart, to determine the necessary volumes, but also to control the quality of the materials with which we are going to work.

The direction of the fibers is also a fundamental question to ensure consistency of all samples as well as harmonious cutting of your material. It is an essential element of the general aesthetic of your color chart, which we can never remind enough, will have a real impact on your turnover.

Furnishing or office furniture fabrics, velvet, wool, linen, cotton, trimmings, canvases related to the publishing of works, books, coffee tables and bindings... Whatever your textile material, we showcase your products, the real actors of our achievements. Because it is by associating the material in a visual way, by studying the best way to highlight it, that we determine whether a bundle or a booklet support is the most suitable.

Once we have designed together a standard that is perfectly representative of your expectations, we move on to prototyping. At the end of this stage, a prototype conforming in all respects to the finished product is sent to you. It will serve as a control tool throughout the manufacturing process of your color chart.

At Nordprint, we know that it is the perfect knowledge of your material that allows us to offer you the manufacture of high-end color charts that highlight the quality of your products.

This is why we adapt our cutting technique according to the type of textile to be worked. Whether it is traditional cutting or laser cutting, our know-how is put to the service of your material to remain faithful to the reality of the use of your product.

Our long experience has allowed us to develop specific industrial processes for producing textile color charts that last over time. Fraying is, for example, an important subject during design, and it is through framing techniques developed by us that we stabilize the material to optimize the lifespan and practical use of our products.

At Nordprint, we know the importance of glues in the final result. Because in order not to alter the beauty of your material, its color and texture must remain unchanged.

This is why we favor water-based glues which combine performance and discretion and allow you to obtain an excellent result similar to the final use of your product. And because each material has its particularities, we opt for the glue that suits yours by choosing the most suitable from our wide range of more than five hundred kinds.

We also support you in choosing the type of bonding, namely full or partial. Certainly partial gluing allows the customer to truly experience the material by touching it, but to create a quality color chart, we recommend the combination of full gluing and partial gluing, which will have the advantage of offering your range even more effectively. .

Aware that to succeed in production you have to let the material react to cutting and gluing, we take the time to polymerize the glue on the fabric. It is only after a drying time necessary to observe the final result and the durability of the color chart that we proceed to the packaging and packaging of our products, always optimizing space and using materials environmentally friendly.

Calling on Nordprint to create your textile or cover color chart means benefiting from the excellence of our know-how and our creativity at the service of your textile material.