The RAL type K7 color chart, professional version, customizable
In the field of industrial painting and decoration, the RAL system is an essential element for identifying colors. The RAL system is a standardized color coding system that allows a specific color to be precisely defined. To best respond to the many requests from professionals, we have designed a K7 format RAL color chart, professional version, with customizable covers for B to B.

The customizable RAL type K7 color chart: an essential tool
The RAL type K7 color chart is an essential tool for choosing colors for individuals and for a number of professional sectors. It allows you to view the colors and shades available in a selection of the RAL system. As we have kept the original dimensions, 15 cm by 5 cm with rounded corners, the colors are presented in the form of large pellets which allows for easy visual comparison. Our RAL color chart contains 190 shades in standard RAL, glossy finish. For the needs of professionals, we have added 11 finishing shades based on a standard RAL shade to be able to compare them with each other. You will find sheets to illustrate several types of textured finishes but also a sheet with a gloss scale, from matte to ultra gloss.